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Fibreglass Conservatory Roof

We specialise in fibreglass & general roofing

Why choose fibreglass?

The fibreglass roofing product conforms to proven standards. Only a BBA approved roofing system can deliver the style quality and reassurance you need.

A single ply GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) Laminate formed in-situ to give a continuous, highly durable weatherproof layer that will exclude water and maintain its superb appearance for the life of the building. GRP is more commonly known as glass fibres an cured or hardened with a catalyst to give a weatherproofing laminate that will outlast and outperform virtually any other traditional roofing material.

With our unique, tack-free, flexible roofing resin and pre-pigmented topcoat. The resins are formulated to be environmental and have reduced styrene emissions. The unique formulation will easily tolerate the thermal expansion and contraction experienced on even the most demanding or complicated roof designs. The system is designed to perform. When laid with our range of preformed edge trims with their unique high bond finish, they are guaranteed to make a perfect job every time.

Peace of Mind Guaranteed - Fit it and Forget it!

  •  Fibreglass Roofing – The Architect's Choice

    With its high strength, lightweight properties and superb appearance in any colour. Whether simulating lead or copper sheathing, repairing listed buildings and used in environmentally sensitive areas, it provides the perfect choice and can be Installed rapidly on both domestic and commercial applications by the network of fully trained staff to ensure work of the highest standard.

  •  Fibreglass Roofing – The Specifier's Choice

    1st Class Roofing and Building Ltd have been specified by local authorities for many applications, as it offers a proven high performance alternative and cost effective alternative to traditional bitumen based waterproof coating. A structural roofing and waterproofing system that will easily out last any other product. It is only applied by our trained staff, the client is assured that every roof will continue to perform many years after its guaranteed life.

  •  Fibreglass Roofing – The Key Benefits
    • Any Colour
    • 30-Year guarantee and a full BBA approved system
    • High Security
    • Maintenance free
    • Suitable for Dormer, extension, garages, porches & balconies.
    • No Seams
    • No Joints
    • No more leaky roofs
    • Anti-slip finish for extra grip
    • A layer of insulation can be added to prevent heat loss.
    • Suitable for Domestic and Commercial Properties
    • The Real Garden Room System – Environmentally Friendly.
  •  30 Years Written Guarantee – For Your Peace Of Mind

    With it’s 30 years written Guarantee and Insurance Backed fitting a Fibre Roof means an end to flat roof problems. The Fibre Roof system forms a guaranteed weatherproof layer that can be applied to form a jointless covering to any roof, of any size and in any colour. It can be installed to any degree of complexity without a single seem or weld, to simulate any finish and to allow any weight of foot traffic without the need to apply protective coatings or promenade ties.

The choice is yours.

A BBA approved system which is guaranteed to perform under even the most extreme weather conditions. Fibreglass Flat Roofs are ideally suited to any area where water needs to be either contained or excluded. They offer a high performance structural waterproof coating applied to either commercial or domestic applications for flat roofs, pitched roofs, gutters and gutter linings. balconies, roof terraces and gardens, access platforms, commercial walkways, water tanks and hygienic linings. Whatever the application, Fibreglass Roofs are the highest performance solution.

Typical cross sections

Below shows a typical warm roof and green roof cross section

Warm Roof Configuration
Green Roof Configuration

Warm Roof Configuration

Green Roof Construction

Choosing a system

Below are three of the systems we provide

Warm Roof Configuration
Heavy Duty Roof Construction
Green Roof Construction

Warm Roof Construction

The high performance roofing system is suitable for all roofing applications and can be specified to the latest part ‘L’ regulations.

The system uses a 450g roofing grade reinforcement mat along with our roofing resins and tomcats for the finest roofing system that money can buy.

HD Construction

Heavy Duty system is used for applications which would be subjected to heavy frequent foot traffic such as walkways balconies, stairs or for any flat roof where an industrial grade specification is required.

The system uses a 600g/m2 roofing grade reinforcement mat along with our roofing resins and topcoats with our non-slip coating for he perfect finish for your walkway or balcony.

Green Roof Construction

The complete green roofing system with an optional sedum or wildflower living roof finish.


1) 12mm ply sub deck.  2) Insulation layer.  3) 18mm OSB3 decking.  4) 450g/m2 reinforcement mat.  5) Resin layer.  6) Topcoat layer.  7) GRP edge trim.  8) 600g/m2 reinforcemnt mat.  9) Drainage / water retention layer.  10) Green substrate.  11) Green sedum.  12) Pebble border.  13) Coated metal retention strip.  14) Slotted metal retention strip.

Choosing a colour

The 20-standard colour choices are:

Colours Available

The standard colour for most applications is Dark Admirality Grey. There are a choice of 20 standard colours of 98 in the BS4800 colour range.

All building work undertaken

1st Class Roofing and Building Ltd are an independent family firm offering a complete building service.



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  • Specialists in Flat Roofs
  • New Roofs
  • Rubber Bond EPDM Roofing
  • Green Roofs - (Sedum Green Roof)
  • Balconies and Bay Windows
  • Metal/Aluminium and Cast Iron Guttering Fitted
  • Chimney works
  • General roofing or storm damage repairs (Tile/Slate damage Guttering)
  • Lead work


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  • Fascias and Soffits
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  • Design and build Carports/Canopies

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